Wet Areas

Whilst traveling, I’ve been in bathrooms where the light source was a mere bulb hanging from a hole in the ceiling. Though it stayed on, I wouldn’t recommend this. Normally, if a light source is not IP rated; covered with a diffusor and it comes into contact with steam, it may fuse leaving you to get clean in the dark.

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Bigger is better

This season, trends indicate that the larger size light fitting, is in fact more fitting. The Cupola light fitting, like the one in my office, is available various sizes starting at 600mm in diameter and ending at 1200mm. They are available in sand black; sand grey and sand copper. “Sand” is just a fancy description for a matt coating. Also popular this season, are these matt metal tones.

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Seasonal selection

As with furniture, paint or the scatter cushions on your favorite lounge, there are ever new trends in the lighting industry as well. Light fittings can be changed, added to or swapped around in different areas to help you create a full picture. Decor should include and not exclude light fittings.

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